Prescott Hamfest for 2021 has been cancelled.

Prescott Hamfest has become a well respected hamfest in Arizona. Each year of our brief history we have made significant improvements. 
 Unfortunately, we currently have no hamfest venue location, in addition to restrictions resulting from the COVID pandemic.  Therefore, YARC has decided that we would not hold a hamfest this year, in favor of looking to 2022.
We remain fortunate to have a committee of volunteers who remain committed to 2022.   We would like to thank all those who have assisted at Hamfest in the past and request you, “hang in there” with us for 2022. Our goal is to secure a cost effective, yet desirable venue, something conducive to promoting amateur radio in our community in 2022.
On behalf of the Prescott Hamfest Committee, please look forward with us in experiencing our event again in 2022.  We will continue to update everyone in the future, as we focus our efforts for 2022.