Grand Prizes – Raffle Ticket Purchase

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You do not need to be present to win the Grand Prizes.

Within a day of your raffle ticket order, you will receive a response from Frank Bender K8FB ( confirming your purchase of raffle tickets including the ticket numbers.  If you are a YARC member, we will work to get you the tickets for you to fill out and return them.

If you are not a YARC member, you can pick up your tickets at Hamfest Central on the day of the hamfest.  If you do not pick up your tickets by 10:30 AM of the day of the hamfest, your tickets will be filled out with your name and call and deposited in the raffle drum prior to the Grand Prize drawings beginning at 1130 on May 14.

When you purchase raffle tickets online, your name and call will be entered, for each $10 purchase, in a drawing at the next monthly YARC meeting for $20 worth of free tickets.  These tickets will be distributed to you in the same manner as the notice above.

If you win a grand prize and are not present at the hamfest, we will make sure that the prize is delivered to you free (only if you live in the continental 48 states of the U.S.).  If you live outside of the continental U.S., you will be responsible for all shipping fees.

Thank you for supporting the 2022 Prescott Hamfest and good luck.

blocks @ 10.00 each.

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