Tailgating Pre-Registration

Only Pre-Registered Tailgaters are allowed a Tailgating parking space. We only have 61 spaces available so there is a 3-space limit per registration. You can also pre-purchase admissions for each person in your vehicle, including yourself, so that you can proceed to your tailgating space without delay.  Additional admissions can be purchased at the gate, if necessary.  Registration deadline is May 10th. No spaces will be available on May 14th, if you did not pre-register.

All spaces are covered 9 feet wide parking spaces.

Tailgating setup will start Saturday morning, May 14th, at 07:00 AM. Shut down will start at 11:30 AM MST.

Parking spaces are available for $10 per parking lot space.  Spaces are available on a first come, first served basis.

The Yavapai Amateur Radio Club will sell your items for you, if you wish.  Click this LINK to go to the “Consignment Sales” page.

Gasoline generators are permitted in tailgating spaces, but there must be a properly rated fire extinguisher present that is adjacent to the generator.

Tailgating Chair: Frank Bender K8FB (fhb47@hotmail.com)

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