Technical Seminars

Seminars will be held on Friday and Saturday (June 1st and 2nd).  Seminars will be held in Buildings 55 & 76.   Some general interest seminars, ARRL AZ Section Forum, and ARCA meetings will be held in the DLC Auditorium.  Reference the hamfest map for the location of these buildings.  A map and seminar schedule will be included with the hamfest program that will be given to each paid admission.  A hamfest map and an up to date schedule will also be posted at the Hamfest Central booth in the tailgating area.

Friday, June 1st – Noon to 4 PM MST, Buildings 55 & 76

Saturday, June 2nd – Noon to 3 PM MST, Buildings 55 & 76

Seminar Chair: Larry Dorrell KG7TTD


Seminar, Meeting, and Activity Schedule

This is the current seminars, meetings, and activities schedule.  Check back from time to time, as there should be additional non-ham seminars scheduled.

Download (PDF, 699KB)