Youth Activities

Youth Activities Tentative Schedule

Check back closer to the hamfest for the finalized schedule.

Saturday June 2, 2018

Building 17, Room 106 (If needed Room 147 – depending on group size)

Class Room 12-1:30pm – Donna KI6PHP Instructor

The Boy Scouts will begin with an introduction to HAM radio, not just a hobby, while working through the needs for HAMs for public safety & community service events and the requirements to become a HAM.

Building Exercise 1:30-2pm -Tape Measure Antenna

Bob WB6ODR will show the students on the technical process of building a Tape Measure Yagi Antenna from supplies provided by Jim Shryne of the DX Store and Bill Cox of IDEAL-TRIDON.  The students will be given instruction on how to construct their own antennas. Students will have the ability to keep their antennas.

Fox Hunt & Communication (voice transmission on the radio) 2-3:30pm

The ability to use the antenna built by the students, attached to a hand-held HAM radio to locate a hidden transceiver called a FOX by using the 2-meter HAM band frequency.

Keith KC0VYQ  & Tyler:

Will discuss why they chose to become a HAM, as well as give instruction on the use of HAM radios and provide the students the ability to send a voice transmission over the air.

Antenna Kit Parts Donors

The following vendors provided critical parts for our youth antenna project.  We would like to acknowledge and thank these businesses for their generous donations:

Bill Cox (AA4NU) – Product Mgr IDEAL-Tridon Brand/Ideal Clamp Products, Inc

Jim Shryne (N6DHZ) – President The DX Store

Steve Soto – Assistant Store Manage at Lowe’s

Antwaun Bolden – Store Mgr  Harbor Freight, Prescott

Jeff Stafford – ASM Harbor Freight, Prescott

Joanne Lewis – Sales Supervisor Harbor Freight, Prescott

Renea Brakefield – ASM Harbor Freight, Prescott

Activities Coordinator: Joseph Thomas KG6IDN